All Features
  • 1.

    • Users can now configure the grading system. (Settings -> Grade Scale) The grades reflect in test result on the basis of the grading system configured in that branch.
  • 2.

    • While making payment (Payments -> Pay -> Course Fees), Search student - system will automatically take user to appropriate payment form depending upon the fee type of the courses.
  • 3.

    • Leave Management - count of Applied, Approved, Unapproved Leaves shown on Dashboard.
  • 4.

    • Loan Management
    • A.

         Advance salary (loan) payment.
    • B.

         Reports - Staff wise loan report, loan repayment report
  • 5.

    • Configurable setting at role level - show all batches to trainer - - If this is ticked (default), then trainers will have the option to see all batches. - If it is not ticked, then trainers will be able to see only batches which are assigned to them.
  • 6.

    • Assign batches to trainers while adding the trainer profile (Manage Staff -> Add Staff) Also you can see the batches assigned to a trainer by editing the trainer profile.
  • 7.

    • You can now send messages to students on app. Select Android/iOS Messages in Students -> Announcements.
  • 8.

    • Batch Days can be set from directly while creating or editing a batch (add/edit)

    Enhancements in student module:


    • Students can now see the placement interview schedule on their portal.

    Enhancements in App:


    • Assign student batches during registration
    • A.

         Batch add/edit
    • B.

         Batch timetable